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Is it possible to find all pages created or edited by a specific user in Confluence? I'm trying to find all pages that are created or edited by a user in Confluence. It looks like the Content by User macro shows across all spaces and the Recently Updated lets you specify to look. I want to list all the sub pages, their last modified by user, last modified date, and If .. The Confluence Reporting add-on from Service do all this. None of the pages have labels, so those macros won't work. It have the ability to display all pages in a space by sorting it alphabetically.

This question is in reference to Atlassian Documentation: Confluence Release b) any page or chance to see where in all my confluence pages there are.

However, there may be pages that currently have viewing restricted to that the group, those pages will be viewable by all Confluence users. Solved: Seems very easy question, but i want to Show all pages that are created in the last week, without showing pages that were created. Does any please help me to get the list of all pages showing page titles and page IDs within a Confluence space using bash / python script?.

Within Confluence you can add an Index in every page you like. You can set up and configure which headers will be listed in the index. But how is it. Solved: I keep getting email alerts for pages I'm not interested in. https:// my-. Choose whether to display all the parent page's descendants. If true shows the complete tree of pages underneath the parent page, regardless of Depth of.

Solved: Is there a way to add a macro to all pages of a space? renderConfluenceMacro("{testmacro}") should go within the multitude of page.

If you restrict viewing to a person or group, only they will be able to see that page and all its child pages (unless there are further restrictions on the child pages).

you can categorize pages and then display them in Confluence in a number of ways. As an example, you could label all pages relevant to the marketing team.

Solved: Hi, does anyone know a nice way to search Confluence for pages that use a given Here's a macro that gets all macros used on all pages in a space.

about changes to the content of pages, blog posts and comments from all spaces on a Confluence site. To start.

This is because whe have these situation that someone need to move all the is -it-possible-to-find-all-pages-created-or-edited-by-a-specific-user-in-confluence. Hi, I'm new to the forums and was hoping I could get some help, somewhat new to developing in confluence so bear with me. I was wondering. Solved: All the options for moving pages within confluence only seem to allow moving one page at a time. I have a large, fairly unorganised space.

Solved: Hello, I have an hierarchy of pages and subpages with many labels. I want to know if is possible to have a report wich list all pages. confluence-pages-created-in-the-last-week/qaq-p/ The tree will include all children of the given page, plus their children and '@ home' — will include all pages under the home page of the space (default).

Confluence will automatically adjust all links to the moved pages, to point to the page(s) in its new location. When completing the New parent. these pages. How can we remove all watches at once or selectively in bulk? . Navigate to. But, all we can do, it seems, is to export one page at a time and really need See +Confluence+Pages+ .

When you enter a search term, Confluence looks for content in all spaces ( including personal spaces), pages, mail, personal profiles, and. Hi, Can somebody please help me what rest api do i need to use to get the page links for the space pages that i have on my confluence. If you accidentally deny all admin access to a space so that nobody has access to administer the space any more, you can ask someone with Confluence.

Global templates: These page templates are available in every space on your site. If you have Confluence Administrator permission, you can define global.

For example, you could use this macro to display a list of all pages that have the label 'feature-shipped' and include the word 'Blueprint', or to list any pages with. Peoples, I want to add a label to about 40 or so pages, but I don't want to do it on () or the. This can be done via the Page Tree Word Exporter plugin.

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