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Google updated its YouTube Data API on April 20, Apple devices that no longer support the YouTube iOS app after April 20, iPhone 3GS.

The company is ending support for its YouTube app on many devices If you have the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, or the iPhone 3GS.

I'm working on an iPhone app that includes Vimeo and YouTube videos through a WebView and the respective embed codes. The videos work fine in iPhone 4. i have iphone 3gs os cannt install app asks for 7 os what i need to man only app i need is youtube ONLY! and i cannt get youtube LOL!. Want to use YouTube on your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions. Step 1 of Find "YouTube". Tap YouTube. Apple iPhone 3GS. Step 2 of

Want to use YouTube on your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions.

The surge, attributed to the iPhone 3GS, follows the general pattern of upload increase from mobile phones, some 1,% in the last six months, YouTube noted.

Owners of Apple's new iPhone 3GS could make use of the handset's new video functionalityby bombarding YouTube with clips, according to.

In the less than a week since the iPhone 3GS's release, YouTube has seen mobile video uploads rise percent a day.

YouTube told TechCrunch it was experiencing massive growth even before the iPhone 3GS hit the shelves, saying uploads were up 1,%. As I have already owned almost every iPhone The 3GS was bearable. loose the original YouTube app, which is much better than YouTube app which is found . If there was any doubt that that the video recording and upload capabilities of Apple's new iPhone 3GS would signal a new chapter in mobile.

Google today announced that daily YouTube uploads directly from mobile devices have increased % since the release of the iPhone 3GS. Apple's new iPhone 3Gs is having a big impact on YouTube. Since it was made available on Friday, uploads from mobile phones to YouTube. Mobile uploads to YouTube have increased by percent since last Friday's release of the iPhone 3GS, Google announced today.

My iPhone has recently decided it wont let me go on YouTube it's just saying cant open anyone help me please it's annoying I think it's my. Video uploads to YouTube have increased percent a day since the launch of the iPhone 3GS, according to YouTube. In a blog post. Uploads from mobile phones to YouTube have increased a whopping per cent a day since the release of the Apple iPhone 3GS.

What are all the differences between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS? Please note that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models both have been discontinued. People seem to be fond of the iPhone 3GS's new video recording capabilities. So much so that YouTube mobile uploads have grown. Videora iPhone 3GS Converter is a free iPhone 3GS video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play them on your.

The iPhone 3GS video converter enables users to download online videos from Youtube, MetaCafe, NicoVideo and others. It can then convert the downloaded.

With the iPhone 3GS, it looks like handling video is about to get even easier for the YouTube generation. Not only can you make basic edits to. When iOS 6 was released, something was missing: the YouTube app. But does that mean you can't use YouTube on iOS? Nope. Your post has been moved by O2 Moderators to a more appropriate location. -

To watch HD videos in YouTube in your iPhone 3g you must have Cydia and jailbroken iPhone with IOS. The iPhone 3GS is faster and we appreciate the new features and or upload it to YouTube, if you've set up a YouTube account previously. I upgraded to the new iPhone 3GS which takes video! I'm a YouTube and iPhone 3Gs newbie and just added 8 videos to YouTube.

If there was any question about the significance of the iPhone 3GS's impressive video functionality, here's your answer: YouTube reports that in.

The number of videos filmed on mobile phones uploaded to YouTube has risen per cent since last week, following the release of Apple's iPhone 3GS.

Google has announced that uploads from mobile phones to YouTube have increased by % since last Friday, when Apple's new iPhone.

The number of videos filmed on mobile phones uploaded to YouTube has risen per cent since Friday, following the release of Apple's. Funny story. A few days ago I turned my "precious" as my girl says iPhone 3GS on. As it is my favorite phone. Still has the iFixit app on there. Your iPhone 3GS or 4 may support multitasking, but try to keep a YouTube video playing for just the sound, and it closes down. Reader.

The iPhone 3G is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.; it is the second Following the release of the successor iPhone 3GS model one year later, the iPhone On November 22, , the iPhone 3G received the iOS software update (as iOS ), which introduced features such as YouTube voting, and. Saving YouTube Videos as Favorites To add a video you like to your Favorites iPhone Book: Covers iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS, Fifth Edition [Book]. This version of iOS brings a number of new features for iPhone and iPod YouTube and MobileMe for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G and so on.

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