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Free sight tape printing archery tool, Print sight tapes on your own printer exactly for speed of your bow. Included are arrow flight analyses.

22 Jun - 6 min - Uploaded by GrandViewOutdoors If you're like me, you prefer to build your own custom sight tape for your single-pin or fixed-pin.

Find great deals on eBay for Sight Tape in Bow Sights. Shop with confidence. Archer's Advantage prints out sight tapes in increments with unmatched accuracy . to provide sight settings down to 6 feet, some novelty shoots require archers. Sight in your bow with Bow Sight Scales and Archery Sight Software from Lancaster Archery Supply. HHA DS Tapes for Optimizer Lite Ultra Series Sights .

This is an article featuring advice from pro archer Cara Kelly about how to use a sight tape for a bow sight in 3D archery. Purchase Spot-Hogg Sight Tape at Lancaster Archery Supply. Get TechXPert advice online from our archery experts. The Archery Program Easy Sight better known as TAPes is simply the easiest way in the world to make a perfect sight tape! Follow the easy to understand.

As I've stated before, many options are available for archers looking to build sight tapes and for the purpose of this article I will be using.

Purchase replacement sight tapes for your HHA bow sights including the Lite, Ultra, Tetra & King Pin. Includes 43 color coded (20 yard to 60 yard) tapes covering bow speeds of FPS to FPS. Simply sight in at 20 yards and 60 yards. A foolproof sight in. : Spot Hogg Archery - Hogg Mobb Sight Tape/Yardage Tape: Sports & Outdoors.

I just purchased a new to me single pin adjustable sight (trophy ridge react one). I 've looked on the webs for brand specific tapes but, I haven't.

What is everyone's favorite software for archery? Favorite for sight tapes? I was thinking of getting On Target software.

This data is used by the estimator included in the UNO Archery App to make To create a sight tape anywhere, lay a blank tape on the phone's. FREE SOFTWARE! XSight. T his program is for printing sight tapes. No measuring needed - just enter your sight marks and generate a sight tape with C O L O R. Here is a place for Printable sight tapes Free Slider Sight Tapes & Ebook. Bow String Depot custom string builders check us out.

Option Archery sight tapes are designed specifically for the Option series of sights, but can be used on various brands of single pin sights. Precisely sets pin gaps for all multi-pin sights. The UNO Archery App can also be used with any single pin sight that places the sight tape on a flat surface. Yardage tapes for Spot-Hogg dial sights. Now you can easily sight in. All yardage marks are set on your sight and just dial to the distance you want and shoot.

10 Aug Do you use a single-pin bow sight? Thinking about buying one? Check out these tips to. Does anyone have a PDF containing the sighttapes? I can not find a printable version of these anywhere. Printing sight tapes and pin tapes for your compound bow. Ok now is the time for the disclosures I Peter Bourke am still and have been a staff shooter for.

I am not sure I trust the sight tapes they come with based on 20 yd sight in and fps . I print out my tapes using the OnTarget archery software.

Does anyone have any good leads on where you can get yardage tape for your bow sight? I use a single pin, IQ Bow Sight. It has a place to put. HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight Tapes. Tape kit for HHA sights. Kit includes 45 computer generated yardage tapes for dial wheel sights, 3 set up tapes from 0 to . This kit includes 54 different sight tapes from which to choose. The engineers at Montana Black Gold have done the work and calibrated the.

Looking to compete in the lightweight world, where the archery industry is headed Includes 54 different sight tapes from which you choose the sight tape that is. It's a sight tape that was recommended by Lancaster Archery. I think they said it's for a traditional bow. Same deal for setting it up. Sight it in at. Items 1 - 40 of 81 Choose from many sight accessories from our site. We stock both Bow Sight Lights, Bow Sight Covers as well as Sight Tape. Browse through a.

S&S Archery specializes in montana black gold archery sights, hunting sights, compound bow sights. Free Shipping. Expert Advice. VIP Customer Service.

Full set of sight tapes for the HHAOptimizer Lite single pin bow sight. Set includes : 4 Sheets of pre-printed yardage tapes (43 tapes in total); 3 setup tapes.

Print sight tapes on plain paper or a variety of mailing labels. • Set all your fixed sight pins with gap measurements. • Create handy sight scale reference charts.

Compound Bow Sights, Spot Hogg Replacement Sight Tapes. Black Gold Bow Sight Tapes. Price: $ Black Gold Bow Sight Tapes. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART. New tapes for HHA Sights. HHA Sight Tapes. Home / HHA Sight Tapes. HHA HHA Sight Tapes. Color: *. One Size (15). Size: *. King Pin (4), DS Lite Ultra (6).

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Sight Tapes for the HHA DS 'Ultra' Series sights. Ten Zone Archery tel 50 40

Sword Sights Yardage Tapes - Judge, Jury, Titan, Trident and Centurion [ Yardage Tapes] - Self adhesive Comes in Left Side or Right Side for Titan and Trident. Selecting a sight tape requires shooting your bow on a safe target range at two different distances. The first distance should be at 20 yards and the second. Accuracy is everything for bowhunters and sight tapes play a big role. after putting no less than 12 three-arrow groups through my bow at a.

Pro Tip. We love our staff shooters at LCA and we'd like to help them get the recognition they deserve. Once you check out David Housers. Dead Eye Sight Pin Calibrator Target archers have known the benefits of sight tapes for years, (more accurate pin settings, ease of sighting in). Until now there. NOT A SIGHT!SIGHT TAPE ONLY!EZ-Tape is for HHA Optimizer es 43 color coded (20 yard to 80 yard) tapes covering bow speeds of fps to

Compound Bow Accessories. Includes Trophy Ridge React-One Pro Dovetail sight, 10 custom sight tapes, and lens retainer ring (Accepts /8 lens size; lens . I don't shoot field at the minute, I shoot target, but I am looking to progress to field in the future. Here's the question. What can I use for a sight. Custom Bow Equipment offers innovative compound bow hunting sights, target sights and archery accessories giving precision archers the accuracy they.

SHOP Replacement Black Gold Sight Tapes Kit includes 54 different sight tapes from which you choose the sight tape that is right for you. Shop a wide selection of HHA Sports EZ Tapes Yardage Bow Sight Tape Set at DICKS Sporting Goods and order online for the finest quality products from the. But if you are focusing purely on sight tapes, they both work great. You will need to take a few simple measurements from your bow, get a.

Sight tape for Axcel Accutouch sights that includes 40 different yardage scales. to accurate yardages based off of the specifications of the bow you are using. Sight In. There are three methods for sighting Archer's Advantage in for printing Sight Tapes. The Calculate Speed Method is the most accurate method and the. COVERT™ REPLACEMENT YARDAGE TAPE SET. COVERT REPLACEMENT YARDAGE TAPE SET View Larger. Category: Archery - Sights; Brand: APEX.

Home / ARROW RESTS / Compound Rest Launcher / Spot Hogg Sight Tapes. Awaiting product image. Spot Hogg Sight Tapes. $ In stock. Quantity.

Has various tapes for the different speeds. Two side tape weather proof.

Black Gold Sight Tape Kit. Product Line: Archery Sight Accessories 54 printed out sight tapes covering the speeds of most modern compound bows; Tape. Rear Adjustable Single Pin Sight | or Pin Patented Fiber Wrap Technology | 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Axis Adjustment 45 Facing Sight Tape | Movable Indicator. Weatherproof sight tapes designed specifically for Hogg Mob, and Fast Eddie series of sights• Calibrated scale ranges from 20 to yards• Allows you.

Take the sight tape you have determined to be the right tape for your bow and install so that the pointer is lined up with the yard mark you have made and the. Aim for the prize with archery sights, hunting bow sights and other archery accessories at Academy Sports + Outdoors. 62 items Find great deals on eBay for sight tape and archery sight tape. Shop with confidence.

Any range shot under the shortest range printed on your sight tape will have an equivalent mark on the sight tape. The uno archery app can also be used with. Click on "Sight Tape" in the left menu below you profile picture to start making sight tapes. New screen will appear with a table, where you will. Micro-adjustable windage control and plus multi-colored sight tapes designed for a gamut of velocities make precision accuracy achievable.

This extra set of HHA Ultra Sight Tapes is what you need for your HHA Optimizer bow sight. Tapes are calibrated by bow speed and can accurately get your.

Just bought a Black Gold Ascent single pin slider and want to get a program to print sight tapes. Have heard good/bad with Archers Advantage. spine selection; sight tape creation; data on speed and arrow drop over distance; database of bow and arrow specifications; ability to virtually test different. Sight tapes for Axcel sights. 1 set.

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